Fight COVID-19 with RCC-BGM

Taking a Proactive Approach

Three years ago RCC-BGM began preparing for a possible pandemic. Through our direct to manufacture relationships we received access to some of the most innovative new products available on the market. In 2017, we purchased Clorox 360 machines to help our team in the event of a local breakout of infectious disease to ensure a quick and effective response in disinfecting. Additionally we began a rollover to 3M chemicals and developed a national program with 3M to ensure we provide our employees with the most innovative chemical dilution systems and best PPE program to keep them safe. Over the years, this preventative measure has helped saved countless illnesses and allowed us to be extremely prepared for what was ahead.

Once COVID-19 seemed to inevitably hit the US we began discussing options with our clients to ensure a preventative plan was in place and a plan of action was prepared in case of a localized outbreak. Thus far we have been proactive in response to COVID-19 and maintained an approach of safety, proactive prevention, and continued monitoring.

We continue to monitor the outbreak and continue to provide updated information to our clients and ensure the utmost safety of our employees. Stay tuned to RCC-BGM to learn more about how we can help keep your facilities safe!

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RCC-BGM now requires employees to complete a questionnaire when reporting for work to include questions such as:

1. Did you sanitize your hands upon arrival?

2. Do you have any of the following symptoms? Coughing, sore throat, difficulty breathing, high temperature or fever?

3. Have you had any contact with anyone with COVID-19?

4. Do you have all you PPE?

Any failure or affirmation of negative responses would make the employee ineligible to work their shift and will be immediately reporting to HR for next steps.


RCC-BGM is applying the practice of Social Distancing among all employees. No employee shall ride with another employee during this pandemic unless that person is an immediate family member of whom they reside with. While at work all employees must maintain a distance of at least 6 feet between themselves and other employees, clients, or members of the public. 


Several counties have made face coverings mandatory when interacting outside of your home. Thus, RCC-BGM supervisors and managers have been equipped with face coverings to distribute among its employees where required. Those employees who do not work in a county requiring face coverings but are requesting a mask will be provided one by their supervisor/manager per RCC-BGM policy. 


3M Response to COVID-19 (pdf)


COVID-19 Education Sheet (pdf)


Facility Managers Guide to COVID-19 (pdf)


BGM Response to COVID-19 (pdf)